Breakout Session V

The Modern IT Organization

IT is faced with the difficult task of delivering new and innovative services, while maintaining operational excellence. This bimodal IT approach focuses on maintaining stability and efficiency, while emphasizing the need for experimentation, agility, velocity, and tighter alignment with faculty, staff and students. Join Aspire’s Data Center & Cloud Strategist, David Brill, as he discusses the key characteristics of the IT organization of the future, the importance of a bimodal IT strategy, and the outcomes that will truly make a difference in your data center.

Presenter BIO:
Dave Brill, a Data Center and Cloud Strategist with Aspire Technology Partners, focuses on transforming IT organizations to better align with business needs. He brings over 15 years of industry experience and has been part of many solutions to reconstruct IT into a service broker to deliver resources, quickly, securely, more reliably, and cost efficiently