Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1

Thursday, 10:30am-11:30am

Creating a Hybrid Learning Course for Architectural Education, Darius Sollohub, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Innovating Online Course Delivery: Consolidating Five Online Courses into a Single, Integrated & Harmonized Learning Experience,  Jeffrey Harmon, Ocean County College

Has Technology Improved Creativity Amongst Students or Has It Simply Added Another Layer of Frustration?,  Joseph Martinelli, Seton Hall University

Cloud-Based Routing: NJEDge.NET‘s Cloud Service for Simplifying; R&E Disaster Recovery Strategies, James Stankiewicz, NJEDge.Net

MSU Did It…So Can You!
Which LMS is best for me?  Reports from Faculty (Dual Presentation), Courtney Volpe, Yanling Sun, Pam Fallivene, Montclair State University; Emily Hill, Drew University



Breakout Session 2

Thursday, 11:45am-12:45pm

Cultivating Innovation: The Ed Tech Innovation Lab, Christopher Shamburg, Laura Zieger, New Jersey City University

Global Learning Space: Establishing a Transnational Network for Education, Michael Bitz, Ramapo College

Designing Learner Centered Library Instruction: An Information Literacy Reboot,  Catherine Baird, Joe Russo, Montclair State University

Best Pedagogical Practices  to Enhance Online and Blended Learning Experience Using Web-conferencing Collaborative Technologies, Leonid Rabinovich, New Jersey City University

Using Cisco EEM on Cisco routers, Wujun Li, Maria Perez, New Jersey Institute of Technology



Breakout Session 3

Thursday, 4:40pm-5:40pm

Turning Homework and Exams on their Head – Deeper Learning by Putting Students in Charge, Michael Bieber, Erick Sanchez Suasnabar, Lori Watrous-deVersterre, New Jersey Institute of Technology

The Pathways of Applied Career Experiences (PACE) Science Program Provides Opportunities to Prepare Students Entering the Workforce in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, Keri Flanagan, Jenifer Martin, Jason Hudzik, County College of Morris

Picture Perfect:  Using ThingLink as a Universal Design Tool, Beth Ritter-Guth, Union County College

Eduroam: How Institute for Advanced Study Joined this Global Secure Wireless Initiative for Little Cost and Why You Should Too, Christina Klam, Martin VanWinkle, Institute for Advanced Study

Your Digital Footprint: Controlling Your Online Reputation, Laura Zieger, New Jersey City University



Breakout Session 4

Friday, 8:20am-9:15am

Are You Ready for the Cloud Kids?, Leonard Niebo, Touro College and University System

Implementing Learning Outcomes in a Learning Management System, Joe Russo, Patrick Scioscia, Richard Peterson, Montclair State University

Using Blackboard Collaborate to Ignite Online Student Engagement, Andie DiMarco, Berkeley College

Informal Virtual Learning Spaces at Stevens, Sarah Inman, Karen Swift, Michael Scalero, Stevens Institute of Technology


Breakout Session 5

Friday, 9:20am-10:15am

The Faculty Development Program at Montclair: A 5-Year Story to Tell, Yanling Sun, Carolyn Demefack, Jinxia He, Montclair State University

Game Design Can Improve Student Retention, Thomas Heinzen, William Paterson University

Using VoiceThread to Enhance Feedback for Learning to Write, Noreen Moore, William Paterson University

The Integrated Management System, a Grass-roots Solution to Enterprise AV/IT management, Robert Heinrich, Demetrious Roubos, Brian Cole, Spencer Sharkey, Stockton University


Breakout Session 6

Friday, 12:00pm-12:55pm

Publishing a Service Catalog with SLAs for the Benefit of Your Users, Phil Stickna, Blake Haggerty, Anthony Farber, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Let’s Teach S-T-E-M to K-6 Students: OK, But About the “E”…, Gloria Edwards, Amulhelang Magaya, Lindiwe Magaya, Georgian Court University

Assessment of Patient-Interview Skills in DPT Students Utilizing Point-Of-View Video Recordings:  A Pilot Study, Lauren Del Rossi, Stockton University

Digital Signage:  A Journey Through Technology, Mike Richichi, Drew University

Engaging With Students Through Social Media, Amanda Cowell, The College of New Jersey