CIO Forum

NJEdge Update (particularly Security/DDoS Implementation & Future Efforts)

Presentation (via web)  by Richard Sigler, Director of Business Service in Technology Services at Loyola University of Maryland.

Entitled “Unboxing the PMO” to address critical ingredients that comprise project portfolio management and how can you bring them to your university? Whether you have a PMO, are thinking about one, or just want to institute solid processes to allocate university resources most effectively toward strategic objectives, this session will give the road map you need to take the next steps. Following on from our ITIL and Project Management discussions, Richard will provide us with insight on managing the project management office with specific emphasis on use of a vendor scorecard.  The intent is to provide an overview with concrete examples and to elicit from the NJ CIO’s best/worst practices that we could all benefit from.

Discussion of future topics.