IGNITE Session

Fusing Academic and Cultural Competency from the Classroom to the Community:  E-merging Language Acquisition and Physical Therapy

General Session IV
Fri. 10:30am-11:15am

Track: Undecided

We wanted to adapt our curricula for all students to develop a deeper and more critical perspective of the global world. Our goals for this global learning experience were to develop awareness in students, have students acquire different perspectives and cultural diversity, be personally and socially responsible, and be able to demonstrate knowledge application. This presentation will describe our promotion and sustainability of a real life communicative approach, via social interaction, multidisciplinary, and cross curricular endeavors with students, staff, administrators and faculty while integrating technology and engagement through E-learning.

Elaine Bukowski
Professor of Physical Therapy


Arnaldo Cordero-Roman
Associate Professor of Spanish

Linda Feeney
Director of eLearning
Stockton University

Elaine L. Bukowski, PT, DPT, (D)ABDA Emerita has been a full time faculty member of the DPT Program at Stockton University since 1987. She specializes in orthopedics and her teaching responsibilities include human gross anatomy, kinesiology, musculoskeletal physical therapy, and diagnostic imaging for physical therapy courses at the University. She is the Associate Director of the Post-Professional DPT Program. She is also a member of the Holistic Health Minor faculty. She has a passion for developing technological study/review aids for students to enhance their learning of psychomotor skills and their language literacy skills. In addition to the use of technology in learning, her research focus is on stress release techniques for students, faculty, and staff.

Arnaldo Cordero-Roman is an Associate Professor of Spanish. He has promoted the inclusion of language literacy skills across schools and programs at the university. He has supported student engagement in his work across the university.

Linda Feeney is the Director of eLearning. She has been involved with research involving the use of technology in learning. Her involvement spans diverse programs within the university.