IGNITE Sessions

Enlighten ME But Do So Quickly!

This will be the challenge facing our presenters. They will be given five minutes to speak about their ideas and professional passions, accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The presentations are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, i.e. to generate awareness and to stimulate thought and action on the subjects presented. Let’s cheer them on!

IGNITE (Moderator: Linda Feeney, Director of E-Learning, Stockton University)

PedTech 2: The Merger of Pedagogy and Technology – Lecturing in Cyberspace, Jarrod Cecere & Justin Smith, Berkeley College

Rethinking Who We Engage and How We Do It, Gayle Stein, Rutgers University

UCS: Ultimate Course Search, Vincent Oria, Hardik Dasadia, Sheetal Rajgure, New Jersey Institute of Technology

From the Very Beginning: Using the LMS to Reach and Engage Incoming Students, Deborah Cotler, Wayne Elliot, Danielle Schrama, Monmouth University

Use Google Hangouts to Teach Graduate Education Courses, Albert Spiegel, Saint Peter’s University

“Pop, Prop and Roll!” A Collaborative approach to Art, Music and Therapies in the Classroom, Monique Pica, Stephen Hunt, Casey Burd, Hawkswood School

Fusing Academic and Cultural Competency from the Classroom to the Community:  E-merging Language Acquisition and Physical Therapy, Elaine Bukowski, Arnaldo Cordero-Roman, Linda Feeney, Stockton University