Thursday Poster

Using e-Portfolios to Assess Standards Based Internships in Educational Leadership

Track: Assessment

The purpose of this presentation is to explore the best practices used to document and assess eligible educational leadership students during their required internship experiences. The assessment of student standard based outcomes within internships required in the areas of visionary, instructional, and community leadership using the venue of e-Portfolios will be discussed and demonstrated. Suggestions and recommendations for guidelines and use of e-Portfolio as a virtual identity tool for job searching and career reflection will be included.

Jinxia He
Instructional Designer


Eunice Grippaldi

Emily Talarico
Montclair State University

Jinxia He is an Instructional Designer at Montclair State University. Before that, she worked as an Instructional Design Technologist at Atlanta University Center. She received her Ph.D. with a specialization in Instructional System Design from University of Central Florida. Her research interests focus on using emerging technologies on teaching and learning, building online learning communities and team based learning especially virtual teams, as well as the faculty professional development.

Eunice Grippaldi is presently Program Administrator and Graduate Program Coordinator for Educational Leadership in the Counseling and Educational Leadership Department at Montclair State University. She has served as deputy superintendent and assistant superintendent for 10 years, and over 25 years as a school principal, district supervisor, elementary and middle school teacher, and director of a school for gifted children.  She has also served in the role of staff developer sharing her expertise and research interests in the field of leadership, assessment, instructional pedagogy and diversity.  She has served as an executive member on the Teacher Education Policy Committee (TEPC) and on the board of directors for the New Jersey Network for Educational Renewal and Orange Community School Initiative.  She has done extensive work in the field of leadership and received a Dodge Fellowship Grant to study leadership at Harvard University.

Dr. Emile Talarico is a Professor and Program Administrator for the Educational Leadership Online Master’s Program here at Montclair State University. He has thirty-six years experience as an educator, including seventeen years as a classroom teacher and nineteen years as a school district administrator. His research interest includes curriculum and assessment with a concentration in Educational Leadership in the online learning environment. He has worked for over twelve years, with New Jersey Department of Education to revise the state mandated NJ Core Curriculum Standards and as part of the NJDOE’s Model Curriculum Committee.