Thursday Poster

Leveraging Streaming Media in Traditional Classrooms and Converging Institutional Media Assets Using a Unified Platform

Track: Streaming Media

Each decision made by a vendor or institution is a critical one in developing its business in this fast-growing educational market. Since there has been an increase in demand for high quality lecture videos within online course delivery, Stevens Institute of Technology adopted NJVID, a streaming and archiving media platform. Looking at their partnership, shows how two entities can come together to create a mutually beneficial situation.

During this session, NJVID and Stevens will take turns talking about the emerging technologies they have adopted over time and how this has helped improve workflow within their fields.

Allison Ruppino
Manager and Senior Instructional Technologist
Stevens Institute of Technology


Adhishek Hegde

Allison Ruppino is the Manager and Senior Instructional Technologist in the online learning department at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. She plays an active role in the training and support of faculty, staff members, and students in the use of the university‚Äôs existing online learning management and web-conferencing systems. She also manages the department’s Academic Recording Studio where she assists in the creation and editing of educational podcasts. Allison completed her M.S. in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology as well as her B.A. in Mass Communication from the University of Delaware in 2010

Abhishek Hegde is a Service Delivery Specialist at NJVID who works with faculty, instructional designers, librarians and administrators to understand their streaming needs and works with them to help integrate and streamline the roll out of NJVID and integrate the platform with existing solutions and services on their campus.