Thursday Poster

3-D Virtual Reality Objects for Everyone and Every Subject

Track: Virtual Reality

A how-to for creating Virtual Reality (VR) objects that users can manipulate in 3D with their fingers or pointing device.  Photograph an object, or create one in a 3D modeling program, output images, and assemble them with readily available software that uses Javascript to display the final result in any modern web browser.

Lonny Buinis
Instructional Designer
Raritan Valley Community College

Lonny Buinis ( has done instructional design at Raritan Valley Community College for 20 years and was present at the birth of online and hybrid courses.  He is one of the 129 members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (  Lonny specializes in 3D animation and the creation of Virtual Reality objects.  He plays the part of an astronomer in the most authentic and only 3D version of the classic H. G. Wells story “The First Men in the Moon” (