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Third-Party Software in Community Colleges: A Review of Policy and Practice

Track: Pollicy and Governance

The open access content movement has revolutionized higher education. Faculty encouraged to integrate “ed tech” into the classroom have turned to readily available digital learning objects and no-cost software to meet this objective. However, in the race to digitize their lesson plans the potential ramifications of mandating students to create accounts in third-party (non-institutional) systems may have been overlooked. The Educause Center for Analysis and Research that between 2005 and 2014, the most common record breach in Higher Education was due to unintended disclosures and malware/hacking. As concerns relating to student identity security emerge, higher education institutions will be in the position to revise the continuously blurring line between administrative policies and academic freedoms. This presentation will address the content analysis findings and implications of faculty third-party software use policies in NJ Community Colleges.  The purpose of this presentation is to start a conversation of extending the management student’s digital identity outside the umbrella of IT security.

Yelena Lyudmilova
Third-Party Software in Community Colleges: A Review of Policy and Practice
Essex Count College

Yelena Lyudmilova is the Assistant Director of Education and Computing Technology at Essex County College where she oversees the management of the Academic Computing area since 2013.  In her previous positions at Essex County College, Yelena taught remedial English and held the position of instructional designer.

She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership at New Jersey City University, with research interests in management of educational technologies in community colleges as well as digital competencies, knowledge management and new literacy. Yelena completed both her Masters and undergraduate degree at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.