Thursday Poster

Collaborative & Reflective Research & Learning with FACEBOOK & Blogs

Track: Social Media

Facebook enhances student learning through collaborative discussion.  Blogging allows for reflecting on the research process.  A Facebook group can create a media-rich platform to share and promote discussion among student researchers.


FACEBOOK helps to:

  • Consolidate and organize research materials: photos, videos, news articles, websites, screenshots,  birth, marriage, census & immigration records
  • annotate these artifacts with historical details
  • collaborate by sharing discoveries
  • reflect on learning with personal narratives or blogs


Beverly Margolies
Academic Web Designer  & Content Manager
Bergen Community College

Beverly Margolies is the Academic Web Designer and Content Manager at Bergen Community College.


Beverly designs and develops new websites and dynamic web forms to automate workflows throughout the college. As an active member of Bergen’s Center for Peace Justice Reconciliation (PJR), she is the developer of the Center’s first Genocide website.  She delivered the Inspiration Speech at PJR’s inaugural TEDx event in 2013.


Since starting at Bergen’s Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning as an Instructional Designer, Beverly has helped faculty integrate innovative technologies through workshops, video tutorials and individual sessions.  Beverly holds a Masters in Educational Technology from NJCU.


As an avid genealogist, Beverly discovered that Facebook provided the perfect platform to share genealogic artifacts.  As a descendent of Holocaust survivors, Facebook was critical in discovering and connecting with new relatives.  In her blog she describes her journey and the web search tools used in the discovery process.