Wednesday Workshop

The Interactive NJVID Experience: Come and Play! (BYOD)

Track: Wednesday Workshop


We know you have heard about NJVID, but have you ever really used it? Do you have a true understanding about all its features? This presentation will share the College of Staten Island’s NJVID experience from both a pedagogical and administrative perspective. Attendees will be asked to participate in engaging and interactive collaborative activities that will involve the recording and uploading of video content from a mobile device. Prizes will be awarded!

Patricia Kahn
Assistant Vice President for Technology Systems
The College of Staten Island, CUNY

Irina Lyublinskaya
Professor of Mathematics and Science Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
School of Education
College of Staten Island

Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya is an associate professor of mathematics and science education at the College of Staten Island/CUNY. Her interests are in the curriculum development and research in the area of integrating technology into mathematics and science education and to the professional development of mathematics and science teachers. She has published multiple articles, book chapters and 15 books.

Dr. Lyublinskaya is a recipient of multiple awards, among them Radioshack/Tandy Prize for Teaching Excellence, NSTA Distinguished Science Teaching Award and citation, Education’s Unsung Heroes Award for innovation in the classroom, NSTA Vernier Technology Award, Thompson TPACK Award for best paper. She has been inducted into NY State Mathematics Educators Hall of Fame.

Mark Lewental
Linda John