Interactive Multimedia in Nursing Clinical Scenarios

This presentation will focus on the Junction of Technology and Teaching and how a creative collaborative experience between a Nursing faculty member and an Instructional Designer led to the development of two custom interactive multimedia experiences in Nursing education.  These multimedia experiences assisted Nursing faculty to validate student knowledge, reinforce content and serve as a resource for difficult course material.  The Innovation Center at Brookdale Community College works continuously with faculty to identify opportunities for enhancing teaching and learning through the use of technology.


Michele Halat
Brookdale Community College

Jonathan Shaloum
Brookdale Community College

Mary Ehret


Michele has thirty years of experience in bedside Nursing with expertise in Med-Surg, Perioperative and Critical Care Nursing.  Michele began her Nursing education in an Associate Degree Program at Ocean County College, Toms River, New Jersey and went on to complete both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Nursing at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey.  Michele’s graduate degree is in Nursing Education which included courses in Health Informatics, teaching, learning and evaluation.  Michele is in her fourth year as a faculty member at Brookdale Community College.  In her time at Brookdale Michele was instrumental in the adoption and implementation of the simulated electronic health record software currently used in the clinical setting, the introduction and use of a student response system in the classroom and along with the Instructional Design team the creation and development of two interactive multimedia based learning experiences for Nursing students.  Michele is passionate about Nursing, technology and teaching and enjoys the use of active learning strategies.

Jonathan Shaloum is Brookdale Community College’s Instructional Designer. Jonathan works with faculty to create interactive, engaging learning objects for online and face-to-face courses. He hold a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology from St. Joseph’s University. Jonathan has been with the college for approximately three years, and has 15 years’ experience developing online industrial training in the private sector. Jonathan has successfully presented at Scholars Day at Brookdale, garnering much interest from faculty eager to improve their courses, and has given Ignite and poster presentations at NJEDge conferences