Breakout Session III

Breakout Session III
Thursday 1145- 1245

No More Raised Hands: Using Poll Everywhere to Communicate in the Classroom

Have you ever watched how young people interact? Most of them have some sort of device in hand, and before long, use it to communicate. Texting, tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking have become the way people interact. Yet, many teachers still have their students turn off their devices before class and raise their hands before speaking. When you bring Poll Everywhere into the classroom, hand raising is a thing of the past. This session will introduce users to Poll Everywhere (, a service that allows individuals to vote within user-generated polls using text messaging, Twitter, or a web browser.

Nicole Luongo
St. Peters University

Rob Adelson
St. Peters University

Rob Adelson is a systems analyst for Ellucian. He works in a managed services provider role for Saint Peter’s University as the Blackboard Administrator and head of Instructional Technology. Rob supports students, staff and faculty at Saint Peter’s university, educating them on the functions and features of Blackboard, Google tools, Smartboards, and other instructional technologies, as well as answering questions, conducting workshops and training sessions, and constantly exploring ways to bring better technology to the Saint Peter’s University community.

Dr. Nicole Luongo is an Associate Professor of Education and Director of Distance Learning at St. Peter’s University (SPU) in Jersey City, NJ. Currently, she is teaching a blend of online and face-to-face graduate and undergraduate courses. Previously, Dr. Luongo worked as an elementary teacher in Rockaway, NJ.

At St. Peter’s University, Dr. Luongo is the Director of Distance Learning. She oversees all distance learning courses and the Distance Learning Committee. Additionally, she has designed several online graduate and undergraduate education courses for the School of Education. Currently, Dr. Luongo is helping all faculty get Quality Matters (QM) certified. In January 2016, Dr. Luongo’s book The New ELA Classroom: Teaching in a Digital World was published.

Also, Dr. Luongo has served as a member of the Center of Teaching and Learning (CETL) Committee, where she helped develop the CETL website. She also works with assessment development, and serves on the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (SLOAT) Committee. Additionally, she has served as an academic advisor for graduate students as well as a supervisor for student teachers.

Additionally, Dr. Luongo has worked as an Educational Consultant for Vantage Learning and the Center for Education Leadership and Technology (CELT). Also, she worked as a Technology Trainer for the Morris County Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC) in Denville, New Jersey.

Dr. Luongo received a B.S. in elementary education from Bucknell University and a M.A.E. in administration and supervision from Seton Hall University. Most recently, she graduated from Nova Southeastern University with an Ed.D. in instructional technology and distance education.