Breakout Session IV

Breakout Session IV
Thursday 440-540

Communications in Technology and Research

This interactive workshop will highlight best teaching practices, encouraging future-driven research projects. Students select themes of future trends and then evaluate their effects on many aspects of society. Students become “real” investigative journalists, as they incorporate their findings, using modern and traditional research sources, peer surveys, and targeted interviews. .  From solid foundations to outstanding technical presentations, students build every aspect of their future-bound projects, using modern technical tools.
Come on board and travel with us, as we launch into this new communication era!!!
Share in the ride as we dialogue…

Barbara Burke
Brookdale Community College

Barbara Burke currently teaches Research Writing and Speech at Brookdale Community College. She is a 25 year veteran of college teaching from DeVry University, where she had taught Writing, Tech. Communication, and Critical Thinking. She especially likes to learn and practice new teaching ideas that motivate students.