Breakout Session VII

Breakout Session VII
Friday 1200-1255

A Profile of Technologically Proficient New Jersey High School Students

Have you ever wondered what graduates entering your institutions can and should know in relation to the NJ Student Learning Standards for Technology (NJSLS 8)? What should you expect? The students graduating from high school should demonstrate technology-based skills that empower them through life as learners and producers of knowledge. This session will provide information about the learning skills profile you can expect for students who graduate as technologically proficient as defined by NJSLS 8-Technology.

Laurence Cocco
New Jersey Department of Education

Laurence Cocco is the Director of the Office of Educational Technology for the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) with the responsibility of supervising all federal and state educational technology initiatives for the state. Recent accomplishments include: The 2015 implementation of the revised NJ Core Curriculum Content Standard 8, Technology, which includes for the first time a Computational Thinking Strand.  The creation of an interactive digital learning readiness database and reporting system, NJTRAx Digital Learning (NJTRAx DL), which gives districts and schools the ability to track and strategically plan for the implementation of digital learning policies and practices.  The creation of a statewide broadband cooperative purchasing initiative for NJ schools.  The project has so far rendered an estimate $89 million in savings while simultaneously increasing total school bandwidth by 150%, resulting in better reliability and enhanced functionality for digital learning.  In 2014, he was recognized the State Leader of the Year by the State Educational Technology Directors Association – Besides serving on the Thirteen/WNET Educational Services Advisory Committee (, Laurence is also on the Board of Directors for the State Educational Technology Directors Association (   He has a M.A. in Educational Communication & Technology from NYU, and is an Ed Tech and lifelong learning evangelist, looking to transform learning strategies through the incorporation of emerging technologies and brain-based learning theory.