IGNITE Session

Rethinking web-based Assessment: The LiquiZ Project

General Session IV
Fri. 10:30am-11:15am

Existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide online assessment tools, but they are cumbersome.  The LiquiZ project is a web-based assessment tool that can plug into an LMS, ask students adaptive questions.  LiquiZ has two major advantages over current systems.  First, it is dramatically less work for the teacher to create assessments, and teachers can create randomized problems that are the equivalent of hundreds of individual questions so that students can test themselves on new problem each time they try.  Second, we are working on new kinds of questions that correlate better to desired outcomes.

Dov Kruger

Dov Kruger has a B.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, an MS in Computer Science, and PhD in Ocean Engineering, all from Stevens at various points in time.  Having spent most of his career programming, consulting, and training on Wall Street, Dov is still very interested in pedagogy for teaching programming, in better education and assessment technologies.  He is now back at Stevens in the department where he started as a teaching assistant professor.  Dov also has research interests involving Internet of Things, high-performance protocols, and web security.