Poster Session

Wow, I Can Actually Invite Guest Speakers in my Online Class!

Most educators use guest speaker(s) in their traditional or onsite classroom but has there ever been a thought about inviting guest speaker(s) into an online course?  This presentation will focus on effective practices to implement a guest speaker in your online class. Presentation attendees will learn a) how to incorporate guest speakers, b) how to prepare guest speakers, c) how to prepare students and d) what kinds of instructional strategies can be used.

Charles Eddins
Berkeley College

C.L. Eddins is a full-time instructional designer who works for Berkeley College Online.  He works with the Larry L. Luing School of Business faculty to help develop and design their online classes through collaborative meetings via phone, in person, and video conferencing.  He also present at various conferences to include BBWorld, NJEdge, etc, as well as present webinars onsite at Berkeley College for online faculty.  C.L. also manage projects which included assistance in the first Berkeley College MOOC, Road to Success, and Online Orientation.