Poster Session

Climbing Mt Everest: An Online Leadership Simulation

Online simulations have become more effective, more realistic, and more accessible. This presentation showcases the use of a collaborative, multi-player simulation, Everest V2 offered by Harvard Business Publishing using the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition to reinforce student learning in group dynamics and leadership. Students play one of 5 roles on a team of hikers attempting to summit the mountain. During each round of play they must collectively discuss whether to attempt the next camp en route to the summit. The outcome of the exercise from Dr. Zieger’s doctoral course will be discussed.

Laura Zieger
Dr. Laura Zieger is the Chairperson and a Professor in the Department of Educational Technology at New Jersey City University.  Her research interests include transformation of learning with emerging technologies including robotics, immersive virtual environments and drones, online teaching, and social computing applications in education. She has numerous publications and co-authored the ISTE books, Drones in Education and Teachers as Technology Leaders.  In addition, her research and involvement in online parenting communities has been published in Family PC magazine and Sesame Street Parents . She is an invited speaker to schools and organizations.

Remberto Jimenez
Remberto Jimenez is a corporate trainer and adjunct faculty member of the Mildred Elley School in New York City.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from New Jersey City University  and a Master of Arts and Post Masters Certificate in Educational Technology from New York University.  He is currently a doctoral student at New Jersey City University’s Educational Technology Leadership Program.  Over the last twenty years, he also designed synchronous and asynchronous instruction spanning the corporate, higher education, and not-for-profit sectors.
Fahima Bacha

Fahima Bacha is North Bergen High School teacher and professor at Devry University in Mathematics.  Fahima holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, teaching certificates in Mathematics, Technology and Special Education, and a Novell Engineer certification.  Her lifelong passion for mathematics, technology and computer science and extensive experience with coding and robotics, have fueled her current journey as a doctoral student at New Jersey City University’s Educational Technology Leadership Program.


Dowayne Davis
Dowayne Davis is a K-12 educator with experience in Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Networking, and School Business Administration.  He has spent nearly a decade developing and implementing K-12 educational technology curriculum, policies, and systems for two high-performing schools in New Jersey. He is currently a doctoral student at New Jersey City University’s Educational Technology Leadership Program.  Dowayne’s interests are in the  area of sustainable educational technology.
Peter Mattaliano
Peter Mattaliano is an elementary school principal at Mahatma Gandhi School PS 23 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Peter is currently a second year doctoral student in NJCU’s Educational Technology Leadership Ed. D Program. Peter holds Master’s Degrees in Educational Technology and Administration and Supervision in Urban Education as well as an Undergraduate Degree in Special Education. Peter continues to blend his areas of knowledge together to provide an optimal learning environment for students and teachers alike.
James Murduca
Jim Murduca is a supervisor/adjunct professor of mathematics at New Jersey City University.  He teaches problem solving methods to aspiring elementary school teachers, in addition to supervising interns in secondary education mathematics.  Jim served the Jersey City Public Schools for 26 years.  He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the Educational Technology Leadership Program at New Jersey City University.
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez is a special education teacher at Horace Mann School in North Bergen school district..   He is  a certified special education elementary school teacher working in an inclusion setting. Luis teaches Language Arts and  Mathematics and is also a doctoral student at New Jersey City University enrolled in the Educational Technologies Leadership Doctoral program.