Poster Session

Through the prism of a lense: Using tech tools and photography to discuss migration and empathy/apathy

Although taking, sharing, and viewing photographs has become second nature for us via our smartphones, most of us are not visually literate. As students explore the photos of immigrants, they will make connections to current events by using critical thinking skills, utilizing the concepts of empathy vs apathy.  We will endeavor to bridge the gap between seeing and truly understanding photographs by introducing a diversity of approaches and technologies. Technology can help educators become more productive in how they deliver content in their classroom, so in our presentation, we will explore Google tools to teach about migration and apathy/empathy.


Deborah Kemp-Jackson
Union County College

Tulay Altin
Union County College

Debbie Kemp-Jackson is a professor of ESL at Union County College. She has been teaching ESL for 28 years. She earned her MA in TESOL from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education and her MA in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University.
She has taught ESL in several intensive programs and has taught ITAs at Rutgers and Princeton Universities. In addition to her work teaching ESL, she enjoys finding new technological tools for use in her classes. She enjoys training faculty in the use of technology in the classroom.
She considers herself to be a news junkie and enjoys traveling and reading.

Tulay Altin earned her MS in TESOL from the City College of New York in 2012. She is an Adjunct ESL Professor at Union County College. Tulay has worked with various ages/levels of ESL learners ranging from beginning to advanced students. She especially found  it very rewarding to volunteer teach  Adult Basic Education students and Adult English Language Learners on literacy needs at the New York Public Library after her graduation. When not teaching, Tulay enjoys visiting museums, reading books and attending seminars at Columbia School of Linguistics.