Poster Session

No Purchase Necessary to Enter: Using Open Textbooks

Many high quality educational materials are now freely available online, but for some, the process of getting these free resources into the classroom and the hands of the student, seems insurmountable.  The presenters did just this for a Business Law course, currently taught by two full-time faculty and several adjuncts.  All are teaching with an open text and with resources that have been created by the professors to support student learning.   The presentation will focus on the adoption process, and measures of student success and perceptions will be shared.

Melanie Morris
Raritan Valley Community College

Brian Donnelly
Raritan Valley Community College

Melanie Morris is a full time Professor of Business Law at Raritan Valley Community College. She teaches Business Law I and II, as well as courses in paralegal studies.  Melanie teaches in all formats including a face to face, flipped classroom, as well as hybrid and fully online.