Poster Session

Analogies to Art and Music:  Clarifying Content in Non-Major Science Courses

Recently programs designed to encourage science, technology, engineering, and math [STEM] careers have advocated the use of art in the teaching of scientific disciplines [i.e. from STEM to STEAM].  This inclusion of art in science courses has been observed to enhance the accessibility of the course particularly to those with different learning styles. This presentation describes the use of abstract visual art and/or music analogies to help non-science majors learn basic concepts in the scientific discipline of toxicology.  Course activities involving the use of art analogies will be discussed; examples of analogies developed by students will be included.


Jane Huggins
Stockton University

Jane Huggins, Ph. D. has been teaching science to undergraduate, graduate, and non-traditional students at multiple institutions of higher education in New Jersey for fifteen [15] years.  She has been teaching toxicology to non-science majors at Stockton University since 2010.  She uses the Blackboard learning management system extensively to teach in online and hybrid formats.  She incorporates abstract visual art and music analogies in her science courses as a means of helping students develop a deeper understanding of basic concepts.