Poster Session

Tree ring research informed by current technologies nurtures scientific inquiry and an aesthetic sensibility to understand climate change

Tree ring research, dendrochronology, provides an accessible and engaging way to understand climate change. This workshop uses inquiry-based pedagogical methods based on tree-ring research case studies that incorporate Google Earth technologies, Next Generation Science Standards and aesthetic hands-on applications to make learning visible. Web-based learning modules and Google Earth provides a platform for students to understand how scientists use tree-rings to learn about climate change. Elucidating the causes and effects of climate change on tree rings will be accomplished with mixed media collages on facsimile cross cut tree trunks.

Laura Fattal
William Paterson University

Nicole Davi
William Paterson University

Dr. Laura Fattal is an associate professor at Wm. Paterson University, College of Education in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She is widely published in the fields of arts integration, art education and interdisciplinary approaches to curricula design.

Dr. Davi is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Science and an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist at the Tree-Ring Laboratory at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Davi’s research focuses on developing and interpreting high-resolution paleoclimatic records in order to further our understanding of climate change over the past 2000 years. She has authored/co-authored numerous articles on climate change and she has received multiple awards for her research. She is an advocate of science outreach and art/science integration. She often collaborates with artists to explore new and compelling ways to communicate the excitement of scientific explorations with diverse audiences.