Poster Session

Using VoiceThread to Support Graduate Student Writers in an Hybrid Research Course

The purpose of our presentation is twofold.  First, we will share the ways we use VoiceThread to provide audio-visual feedback to graduate students on their writing in a hybrid research course.  We will also share how we use VoiceThread to facilitate virtual writing groups.  Secondly, we will share preliminary data on the influences of VoiceThread audio-visual feedback on graduate students’ writing and writing processes as well as faculty members’ feedback and feedback processes.  We will finally share data on graduate students’ perceptions of the use of VoiceThread to provide feedback and to facilitate virtual writing groups.

Michelle Gonzalez
William Paterson University

Dr. Michelle Gonzalez is an Assistant Professor at William Paterson University in the Special Education and Counseling department. Her research interests include the application of UDL in P-12 and post-secondary settings, assistive and instructional technology in P-12 and post-secondary settings, and literacy best practices.