Poster Session

The Importance of Branding in Public Education

Public Education has received a lot of negative publicity in the last few years.  This has negatively impacted not only current educators but the future educators as well.  Who would want to go into a profession that is constantly under scrutiny and where everyday you’re being told you’re a failure.  Many parents are choosing to send their children to charter and private schools whose test scores are not much better than that of the public schools.  Consequently public schools are loosing students and loosing funding.  Public schools need to learn how to brand themselves appropriately to compete.

Angelica Safanova
New Jersey City University

Angelica Safanova is a Doctoral Candidate at NJCU in the  Educational Technology Leadership Program.  She has been working 24 years in the field of Education and is currently a Technology Teacher Coordinator in a Gifted and Talented School in Passaic NJ.  She has published in a Peer Review Journal, presented at ISTE and NJEDge and will be graduating with her Doctorate Degree in May 2017.  Her Dissertation topic is branding public schools.  She resides in Hoboken NJ with her twin sons.