Wednesday, November 16, 2016

12:00pm Lunch (On own at hotel restaurant)
12:30pm-6:30pm Conference Registration (Outside of Alexander Ballroom)
1:30pm-2:30pm General Session I (Carnahan)

Welcome:  Sheri Prupis, Vice President of Academic & Community Engagement

“Can We Promote Good Digital Citizenship, Safeguard Academic Freedom and Comply with Federal Legislation?” Daniel J. Julius, Ph.D., Provost & Senior Vice President, New Jersey City University

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2:00pm-5:15pm SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (Bainbridge)

2pm: Welcome Michael Reekie, NJEDge.Net, Demetrios Roubos, Stockton University

2:30-3:40: Leveraging VDI Technology to Improve Institutional Security Posture, Demetrios Roubos, Stockton University

4:00-5:15: Defending Your Castle from Attacks, Leonard De Botton, Berkeley College

2:30pm-3:00pm Break (Garden Commons)
3:00pm-5:00pm Breakout Sessions I:  Workshops

Visual Design for Learning Professionals, Heidi Trotta, Danielle Mirliss, Seton Hall University

Training our Faculty in Canvas, Beth Ritter-Guth, Union County College (Presentation Materials)

Animated, Authentic, Accessible and (Well Almost) Free – Teaching with Instructor Produced Videos, AnneMarie Anderson, Melanie Morris, Raritan Valley Community College

Identifying Pain Points, Avoiding Burnout and Learning to Love ITIL, Blake Haggerty, Phil Stickna, Anthony Farber, NJIT

5:00pm-5:45pm Community College CIO Meeting (Henry)
5:45pm-6:45pm Refresh with NJEDge – Yoga (Tree House Lounge)
6:30pm-9:00pm Executive Dinner (By invitation only) (Gratella-downstairs)

“The Internet of Things: Opportunities and challenges today and into the future”, Florence Hudson, SVP & Chief Innovation Officer, Internet2

7:00pm-8:30pm Attendee Dinner (Princeton Room)
8:30pm-10:30pm Wine Pairing & Dessert Reception (Tree House Lounge)

Thursday, November 17, 2016


On-Site Registration (Outside of Alexander Ballroom)
6:30am-8:15am Breakfast (Princeton Junction and Carnahan)

Round Table Discussions:
Digital Humanities, AJ Kelton, Montclair State University
Quality Matters, Martin Hoffman, Rowan College at Burlington County

8:00am-6:00pm Vendor Exhibits
Door Prizes
8:15am-9:45am SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (BAINBRIDGE)

8:15am: Michael Reekie, NJEDge.Net, Demetrios Roubos, Stockton University

8:45am: Establishing a Right-sized Information Security Program, John Otte, ePlus

8:15am-9:45am General Session II (Alexander Ballroom)

Welcome Remarks, Sheri Prupis, Vice President, Academic & Community Engagement, NJEDge.Net

Samuel Conn, Ph.D., President, CEO, NJEDge.Net

“Connected Learning”, Diana G. Oblinger, Ph.D, President Emeritus of Educause

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9:45am – 10:30am Train Stop for snacks (Vendor Area)
10:15am-11:30am Board of Trustees Meeting (By invitation only) (Forrestal)
10:30am-12:45pm SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (BAINBRIDGE)

Security Discussion, Michael Geraghty, Acting Director of Cybersecurity, NJ Homeland Security

10:30am-11:30am Breakout Session II

Creating a Digital Teaching Edition with Scalar, Mary Balkun, Seton Hall University (Download Presentation PDF)

Distance Education Affinity Group: Best Practices for Online Learning – Embracing our Students Educational Needs Through Technology, Leigh Bello-de Castro, Essex County College, Beth Ritter-Guth, Union County College, Norah Kerr-Mc Curry, Brookdale Community College, Sheri Ventura, County College of Morris (Download Presentation PDF)

Make Learning Fun Again – Let’s Play a Game!, Pattiann Kletz, Melanie Morris, Raritan Valley Community College

Building a Resilient Infrastructure is Essential for Delivering IT Services to the College Community, Robert Mondelli, Riad Hammoudeh, Passaic County Community College (Download Presentation PDF)

Full STEAM ahead! Building Educational Programs Designed for Diverse Information & Technology Workplaces, Lila Pavlovsky, Sharon Stoerger, Rutgers University (Download Presentation PDF)

Driving Student Success with Immersive Collaboration Technologies, Promedia

11:30am-1:45pm Executive Forum (By invitation only, lunch included) (PRINCETON)
11:45am-12:45pm Breakout Session III

Demonstration of Best Practices in Online Management Education, Gerry Cleaves, Fairleigh Dickinson University

How Biochemistry Online Students Learned by Creating Claymation and Rap Videos (and other stories about online course development), Ismael Lara, Kyle Murphy, Rutgers University (Presentation Materials)

No More Raised Hands: Using Poll Everywhere to Communicate in the Classroom, Nicole Luongo, Rob Adelson, St Peters University (Presentation Materials)

Tantalizing Tech Tools: Tools to Use Tomorrow, Beth Ritter-Guth, Union County College (Presentation Materials)

12:45pm-2:00pm Attendee Luncheon  (Gratella – downstairs)

12:45pm-2:00pm Train Stops for dessert and Poster Sessions

“Technology, Negotiations, and Decision Making: Navigating Access, Equity, and Inclusion Across Multiple Meeting Sites”, Esmilda Abreu, Montclair State University; Kirsten Richert

“Flipping the Classroom When Teaching Information Literacy”, Anelia Chatterjee, Essex County College

“The Assessment Game: Is Online Really the Winner”, Noel Criscione-Naylor, Stockton University; Kathleen Michell, Raritan Valley Community College

“Experiential Learning with YouTube: Improve student exposure, engagement, learning, and assessment results”, Noel Criscione-Naylor, Stockton University

“Road Map to Build a Digital Learning Environment”, Tracy Espiritu, Joseph Griffith, Donald Sheehy

“Tree ring research informed by current technologies nurtures scientific inquiry and an aesthetic sensibility to understand climate change”, Laura Fattal, Nicole Davi, William Paterson University

“Using VoiceThread to Support Graduate Student Writers in an Hybrid Research Course”, Michelle Gonzalez, William Paterson University

“The Importance of Branding in Public Education”, Angelica Safanova, New Jersey City University

“Best Practices In Digital Literacy:  Understanding digital tools and information for higher education”, Daun Ward Monmouth University; Ruth-Anne Sokol, New Jersey City University

“What it means to be a YouTuber and its benefits in a University setting”, Anna Yglesias-Liberatore, Stevens Institute of Technology

“Adult Students’ Preferences for Electronic Textbooks: A Pilot Study”, Ying Huang, Ann Marie Senior, Thomas Edison State University

“Interactive Multimedia in Nursing Clinical Scenarios”, Michele Halat, Brookdale Community College; Jonathan Shaloum, Brookdale Community College; Mary Ehret

“Teaching Health Assessment and Documentation by Utilizing a Simulated Healthcare Charting System”, Robin Smith, Linda Hoffman, Michele Halat, Brookdale Community College

2:00pm-3:40pm General Session III (Alexander Ballroom)

The Charles McMickle Award for Excellence and Innovation

The Laskaris Leadership Award

“Cybersecurity in New Jersey”, David Weinstein, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the State of New Jersey

“A New Train Route for NJEDge”, Samuel Conn, Ph.D., CEO & President, NJEDge

Watch Video Recording of Presentation

3:40pm-4:40pm Train Stop to visit vendors (Vendor Area)
3:45pm-5:45pm Pretzels, Beer and Speaker with PKA (25 Nassau)

“Aruba Clearpass & Access Point”, Pete Ryan, Director of Clearpass Solutions, Aruba Networks

Raffle Giveaway to those attending the session

4:40pm-5:40pm SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (BAINBRIDGE)

Fun with Certificates, Brian Epstein, Institute for Advanced Study

4:40pm-5:40pm Breakout Session IV

Communication in Technology and Research, Barbara Burke, Brookdale Community College

Using Your Cellphone or Tablet to Enhance Your Labs, Angel Camilo, Eric Antonelli, Ocean County College

Munki, Autopkg, Munki Web Admin, Reposado, terminal-notifier: WPUNJ Open Sourced Mac Support, Christopher Cover, William Paterson University (Download Presentation PDF)

Ped Tech 3: “Objectifying” Course Videos as a Way to Increase Familiarity, Understand and Retention, Justin Smith, Jarrod Cecere, Berkeley College

Social Media Ethics and Law, Kenneth Ronkowitz, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Presentation Materials)

5:40pm-7:00pm Reception (Tree House Lounge)
7:00pm-8:30pm Dinner (Gratella – Downstairs)

8:00pm-10:30pm Social Program (Princeton Ballroom)

Friday, November 18, 2016


On-Site Registration (Outside of Alexander Ballroom)
7:00am-8:15am Breakfast (Princeton Junction and Carnahan)

7:30am: IGNITE Practice (Alexander Ballroom) – (IGNITE Presenters Only)

8:00am-2:30ppm Vendor Exhibits (Door Prizes) (Outside of Alexander Ballroom & Princeton Junction)
8:20am–9:15am Breakout Session V

NetFlow: Troubleshooting Network & Security Problems with Flows, Christina Klam, Institute of Advanced Study

The Adoption of Online Academic Support through Videoconferencing by STEM Students in Higher Education, Donna Potacco, William Paterson University

The iBeacon Project: Using Pingable Technology in Schools, Deborah Nagler, Stephanie Talalai, Patricia Holzman, Wendy Thompson, New Jersey City University (Download Presentation PDF)

Behind the Scenes of Educational Media Production, Laura Transue, Josh Gould, Rutgers University

Letting the Content Drive: Automated Assessment Generator, PTE (Problem-Template Engine) Associated with Learning Objectives for a Hybrid, Large-Scale Chemistry Course, Jennifer Silvia Muller, Rutgers University

8:30am-10:30am SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (BAINBRIDGE)

8:30: Michael Reekie, NJEDge.Net, Demetrios Roubos, Stockton University

9:15: Network-Based Identity Management: Solving Problems You Didn’t Know You Had, James DeRose, William Paterson University

9:20am–10:15am Breakout Session VI

Works in Progress: Digital Humanities and Digital Literacy at Drew, Gamin Bartle, Drew University

Your Cheating Heart: Using A Self-Proctoring Solution to Improve Academic Integrity, Michael Koskinen, Jenna Corraro, Amanda Molina, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Research Instruction: Is There a Disconnect Between High School and College Expectations, Martha Loesch, Seton Hall University (Download Presentation PDF)

From Vanilla to Cherry Garcia: Taking Your Online Course to the Next Level, Danielle Mirliss, Heidi Trotta, Seton Hall University

Access Challenges and Universal Design: Video, VoiceThread and Web-conferencing, Emily Ravenwood, Priscilla Hockin Brown, Rutgers University (Download Presentation PDF)

10:30am–11:15am General Session IV: IGNITE (Alexander Ballroom)

Welcome Remarks: Sheri Prupis

Moderator: Linda Feeney, Stockton University & Gamin Barlte, Drew University

10:30am-11:15am SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] 

Train Stop for Vendor Exhibitors (Vendor Area)

11:15am–12:00pm Train Stop for Vendor Exhibits (Vendor Area)
11:15am-12:30pm SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (BAINBRIDGE)

Changing our Attitudes on Information Security: From Red Light to Yellow Light, Brian Epstein, Institute For Advanced Study

12:00pm-12:45pm Breakout Session VII

A Profile of Technologically Proficient New Jersey High School Students, Joshua Koen, New Jersey Department of Education

VDI and NJVID: The Solution to Universal Design for Students with Accessibilities, Patricia Kahn, Mark Lewental, Linda John, City University of New York, Staten Island (Download Presentation PDF)

Rethinking web-based Assessment: The LiquiZ Project, Dov Kruger, Stevens Institute of Technology

Creating Screen Casts and Implementing a Compliant Streaming Media Solution, David Lavoie, Wyle Haggerty, Fairleigh Dickinson University (Download Presentation PDF)

Game-based Statistical Assessments: Bypassing the self-serving Biases, Thomas Heinzen, David Plested, William Paterson University, Susan Nolan, Seton Hall University (Download Presentation PDF)

12:45pm-1:40pm Lunch (Gratella – downstairs)

12:45pm–1:45pm Train Stops for dessert and Poster Sessions

“Wow, I Can Actually Invite Guest Speakers in my Online Class!”, Charles Eddins, Berkeley College

“Climbing Mt Everest: An Online Leadership Simulation”, Laura Zieger, Remberto Jimenez, Fahima Bacha, Dowayne Davis, Peter Mattaliano, James Murduca, Luis Ramirez, New Jersey City University

“Through the prism of a lense: Using tech tools and photography to discuss migration and empathy/apathy”, Deborah Kemp-Jackson. Tulay Altin, Union County College

“No Purchase Necessary to Enter: Using Open Textbooks”, Melanie Morris, Brian Donnelly, Raritan Valley Community College

“Using the LMS as a pedagogically unifying and transformational tool”, Alexandra Salas, Mercer County Community College

“Using Online Research Guides with Undergraduates to Facilitate Academic Inquiry”, Courtney Walsh, Stevens Institute of Technology

“Is your mission impossible?”, Catherine Kelley, Sandra Selick, Carrie Lynch, Fairleigh Dickinson University

“Analogies to Art and Music:  Clarifying Content in Non-Major Science Courses”, Jane Huggins, Stockton University

“Teaching K-12 teachers: Do online classes make the grade?”, Lois Spitzer, Pamela Vaughan, Stockton University

“Stay on Track with Free Assessment Tools”, Amy Ackerman, Karen Simmons, Stockton University

“Polynomiography: A Visualization Software for STEM Plus Art at K-12 and Beyond”, Bahman Kalantari, Rutgers University

“Identifying Neural Connections in Affect Regulation to Surprised Faces and Changing Contexts: an fMRI feasibility study”, Brenda Marshall, Nhat Nguyen, William Paterson University

“Benner’s Theory of Novice to Expert: Explicating the Effectiveness of Virtual Clinical Simulation Education In Enhancing the Competence of Undergraduate Nursing Students”, Tamara Brown, Georgian Court University

Helping Faculty Use an Active Learning Classroom, William O’Donnell, William Paterson University

12:45pm-2:00pm Vendor Exhibits (Door Prizes )
1:45pm-2:45pm SECURITY SUMMIT [Confirmed Security Summit Registrants Only] (BAINBRIDGE)

Been Hacked? Hardening Your Web Server is Easier Than You Think, Moe Rahman, Brookdale Community College
(Join General Session for Closing and Grand Prize Drawing)

1:45pm-3:30pm General Session V (Alexander Ballroom)

“Creating a Culture of (Learning) Innovation”, Jeff Borden, Ph.D., Saint Leo University

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Grand Prize Drawing