Poster Session

Technology, Negotiations, and Decision Making: Navigating Access, Equity, and Inclusion Across Multiple Meeting Sites

This workshop will explore the impact of technology on negotiations and decision-making conducted across multiple meeting sites. Scenarios will cover conference calls, virtual meetings, and hybrid classes. Presenters will introduce challenges found in virtual forums such as increased psychic distance between participants, multi-tasking tendencies, geographic affinity-based loyalty coalitions, and tensions created by simultaneous live and virtual attendance. This workshop will unpack issues of access, equity, and inclusion and share the significant opportunities offered for increased diversity and innovation in the virtual meeting space. Best practices will be recommended for enhancing participant engagement, integrative negotiations, and effective decision-making.

Esmilda Abreu
Montclair State University

Dr. Esmilda Abreu received her master’s degree in Psychology, her doctorate in Organization and Management, and focuses her research on leadership, corporate culture, and mentoring. She teaches at Montclair State University as core faculty in the MBA program of the School of Business and is Co-President of the New Jersey Consortium of Women and Gender Studies. Dr. Abreu is a Board Member of the Mental Health Clinic of Passaic, serves on the Alliance for Arts and Health New Jersey Steering Committee, and is a founding member of North Jersey GLSEN. She acts as Women’s Leadership Chair for the North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Abreu has trained a wide variety of not-for-profit organizations including the Linda and Rudy Slucker Center, ACE-Network, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Athena Collaborative Group, American Conference of Diversity, and Latino Psychological Association. Formerly, Dr. Abreu served as Director of Equity and Diversity at Montclair State University, Executive Director of Women’s Rights Information Center, and she is now Chief Diversity Officer for S2N Consulting. Dr. Abreu speaks today as Principle Strategist for NeuroLink Institute.

Kirsten Richert

Kirsten Richert is an innovation expert who consults with business and nonprofit leaders on strategy formation and implementation. She received her undergraduate degree from Hampshire College and her master’s degree from Teacher’s College at Columbia University. Formerly Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Pearson—the world’s leading textbook publisher—Kirsten oversaw the creation of breakthrough “digital-first” K-12 curriculum. As an innovation consultant, she helps teams plan new efforts, generate ideas, and execute on strategies. For example, Kirsten led a 2-day innovation lab to create new program concepts for McGraw Hill Education. She has also worked on change efforts with nonprofit organizations, including Alliance for Arts and Health New Jersey, Women’s Rights Information Center, The Community Chest, and The Barat Foundation. Kirsten brings 3 key strengths to the table: an intense drive to make progress toward an organization’s mission, a demonstrated ability to foster collaboration that solves problems and creates new products, and a real-world focus on revenue growth, efficiency improvements, and communications excellence.